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Data Assets

Data assets are records or instances of data held within your organisation. Examples may be employee records, marketing lists or suppliers.

You should set the data asset up to ensure that checks occur at the right times.

Use the Data Assets to generate reminders and tasks for each department to identify and detail the personal data they hold. Remember this data might also be on paper, not just electronic.

The data asset register will become a key item to listing the data you hold with the business.

For each data item questions such as:

  • Why do we use personal data?
  • Who do we hold information about?
  • What information do we hold about them?
  • Who do we share it with?
  • How long do we hold it for?
  • How do we keep it safe?

Data Assets

The left hand said of the screen contains filters you can click on to turn on and off to customise the list view on the right hand side of the screen.

The date range runs from and to the creation date of an asset and the find will search for anything in the title. Use the refresh button to select appropriate items.

To edit an existing data asset use the pencil within the asset box.

To create a new data asset use the Add a data asset button at the top of the screen.

Add a new data asset

For a data asset we are looking for the name, also a mandatory field.

A description of the asset.

The expiry date of the asset and the user or group it must be assigned to.

Click Save to record the details. Or use the bin to delete the asset.

You will then be taken to the Data Asset Details

Once the asset has been saved you can set up a reminder for action so that the personal data complies with the regulations.